Tax the Rich!

If you’re not already convinced that Rich People are Evil then here is another reason to grab your pitchfork!

Rich people will never let us have a flat tax.

You heard me right.  Rich people stand in the way of a flat tax making everyone’s contribution to this great country equitable.

There are several reasons for this.

First, they would no longer be able to hire an army of accountants to figure out how to avoid paying confiscatory rates thus paying 2 to 3%.

Second, their buddies in Congress would no longer be able to skew the tax code to favor them.  No more special loop holes created for certain businesses and friends.  Not only would it be horrible for the Rich guys, the politicians wouldn’t be able to promise these favors in exchange for campaign donations.  Oh NO!

So the extremely dirty secret is that our politicians have to continue to promote the currently corrupt tax code by distracting you with the idea that “The Rich don’t pay enough” when if they really wanted the Rich to pay more they would pass a flat tax.  It is truly that simple.

The only argument they throw out against the flat tax idea is that it would be “regressive”.  Regressive seems to be a word used to destroy any proposal which would change the existing mess we have.  They are hoping you don’t own a dictionary and just accept this explanation without question.  They will tell you that “the poor” will pay more… yes, they will.  Is that bad?  Stay with me here… Since 48% of the population pays no federal income tax then yes… all would pay something for the “benefits” this country offers them.  And the added plus is that there is no better way to get people to notice waste and fraud.  If you have ever read anything I’ve written then you know a primary theme is that nobody pays attention to the politics around them.  Well… 48% of us have no reason to pay attention to anything but those politicians who keep promising “free” stuff.  What better way to get everyone on board than to make sure EVERYBODY has a little skin in the game?

So aside from perpetuating a system favoring politicians, and certain business leaders, power why are we listening to the idea that everything is great if just the Rich would pay their “fair” share?  (Considering the Rich pay 78% of all taxes in this country I am once again unable to define “fair” but save that for another day.)  And, if you really believe this then why are you not championing a flat tax?

Raise your glass to a little skin!



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