Distract, Be a Victim, Start a War.

There is a single, huge, impossible to ignore issue in this country.

It’s our determination to drive ourselves into fiscal oblivion. Our DEBT. Our INSOLVENCY. PERIOD.
This presents a problem for those who wish to stay in office.
So apparently the new campaign strategy for the current administration is;

Distract: Create an issue where there isn’t one… birth control. Who cares? Where’s the limited access if what the left says is true that 98% of women use it? It’s a non-issue and an intentional distraction.
Be a Victim: Obama must deflect the failure of Socialist “solutions” by trying to position himself as a Victim. He wants his voters to believe that he had no idea it was so bad… when that is exactly what he ran on… “its the worst economy since the Great Depression etc.”. (His words for the campaign trail 2008.)

Start a War: And finally as Statists are historically known to do… Start a War with… who ever. It doesn’t matter.
What’s astounding is all of the above is accepted as a sound re-election strategy by the Left and their fellow travelers in the media.

If this were a Conservative, do you think for a moment that the press would be embracing the wisdom of the Arab Spring, or feeling sorry for the current president 4-years after he was elected because he “inherited such a mess” (That Liberals Barney Frank and Chris Dodd created by the way.), or support the idea of forcing the public to buy something… say a bible? (If you can force me to buy insurance, you can force me to buy a bible.)
I need a beer.


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