I always Lie.

Why do we put so much emphasis on truth only to lie like dogs?  While we teach our kids it’s wrong, we lie right in front of them and with abandon.  We lie by leaving certain “facts” out or simply by denying reality.  We lie outright at times, say when we miss an appointment because we forgot, or not to “hurt” someones feelings or make them uncomfortable.  But whats worse is we lie to ourselves… We lie and lie and lie.  I’m no different…

I’m not fat.

I’m informed because I watch TMZ.

My opinion matters.

Only “good” stuff  goes into my hot dog.

“Free” stuff exists.

Organic food is actually better for me.

My kids are not having sex.

My neighbors like me.

Living in a color blind society requires checking a box.

I actually had car trouble.

Smoking isn’t bad for me.

We can all get along.

Bourbon is a necessary food group.

My wife only finds me attractive.  OK… this is a good one…

Do I want my wife to be faithful?  Of course I do.  Does that mean I don’t want her to notice other men?  No, it does not… how weird would that be?  If she stops liking men I have a much bigger problem than her being faithful.  What I want is a mutually respectful relationship that does not involve her, or me, having sex with other people.  But I would be asking her to lie to me if I expected her to tell me she only found me attractive.  It would require denying a biological imperative which she has no control over.  But that’s what we do…  we ask to be lied to.

OK… this is an even better one; Politicians care more about us than they do themselves and have our best interest at heart.

Do I want to think my political representatives should have no self-interest?  Yes I do, and they know this… so they tell me they don’t.  Does that mean they don’t?  Is it even possible for them to not have self-interest?  No, it’s not.  There is nothing our politicians, religious leaders, educators etc. can do about it.  We are all self-interested.  So why do we act like it’s possible?

Why do we expect political systems such as Socialism, that require a complete removal of a politicians self-interest,  to work as expected?  And, when they predictably fail why do we keep going back for more abuse?  (The voter who loves too much…)  The reason is we want to believe so badly that we ignore the results… repeatedly.  I contend that we all desperately want to be lied to.  It’s just “nicer”.  Reality is just not nice…

Who doesn’t want to believe that animals talk just like in the Disney movies.  We all want to believe our parents never had sex.  We all want to believe that our politicians can be objective.  We all want to live in fantasy rather than addressing the world as it is.  We shield ourselves from reality by simply not participating and instead go to the theater to see the latest 2-hour time killer or watch endless TV vampires.  We “read”… but it’s something you find in the grocery store checkout line.

It’s easy to understand, we find the events that impact us directly depressing instead of instructional.  If we can’t avoid them completely, we would rather sedate ourselves than deal with situations that might make us uncomfortable.

It’s time to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee.  Fantasy has its place and it’s time to put it in the backseat where it belongs.  The world is a beautiful place and does not need fantasy. Put reason and rational first and ask at every moment; while that seems “nice” is it the right answer?  (I offer most of the time you will find the answer is no, it’s not.)  You’re life will change for the better at this point.  The clouds will part.  You might stop eating hot dogs.


People will never stop lying to you and you will never stop lying to them.

At least, for your own good, stop lying to yourself…


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