Hot, Wet and Naked.

I don’t know about you, but I do my best thinking in the shower.
I find myself revisiting conversations and locating the points I might disagree with then trying to determine why. I even go as far as having a dialog with myself. Strange… I mean strange like I probably need medication.  Hmmm… I like medication, I need to look into this.

What many of us miss is that we shouldn’t have opinions on most things.  It’s OK.  (For me it’s quantum mechanics and anything involving women.  Both seem as mysterious and at the same time very similar.)    Instead, we have been taught to have some brilliant little nugget to offer (particularly on politics) at the drop of a hat which effectively removes our filter… known as thought.  Then, to add insult to injury, we find ourselves standing with our chests puffed out at any challenge to our poorly developed hypothesis’.  To avoid looking like a complete jackass, we must challenge ourselves.  (Trust me on the jackass part… I haven’t got this completely down yet.)

I have found, personally, the best way to do the above is to surround myself with people who do not necessarily agree with me… frankly if I only hung out with people who agreed with me I would have no friends… wait a minute… I don’t have… 

There are rules to this, and once accepted make the process very easy.  We need to stop thinking that anybody can be objective, ever.  What we need to do is embrace that we all have a bias.  We need to come to grips that our bias’ may change but they will always be present and finally, we need to stop and think.  If it requires you to get naked then so be it… not sure how your friends will feel about this but as far as I’m concerned just don’t do it in the front yard. 

So… I want everyone to have an opinion on politics at least!  I want everyone to make time to educate themselves and really think about what they think!  I want my own personal Unicorn!  I want a magic bush that produces scotch…

Find that place you can revisit the days discussions and try to figure out where you stand and why.  Only then should you go forth with your new opinion and throw it out into the area of ideas!  But please work on this, we need more of it!

By the way, I’m typing this in the shower…

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