Europe is Awesome!

Why do we in the U.S. entertain discussions regarding European Social Democracy as a model to emulate when it is clearly outside the founders’ document and its subsequent amendments? It’s because we, the people, have no idea what that document and those amendments are.  We have no idea why they exist… and really… who cares?

Europe is AWESOME!

A number of us have saved up a bunch of money and hopped the pond for vacation.  Apparently what we come away with is having pockets full of disposable income and no job to worry about for two weeks is what it must be like over there all the time. Then we determine that those Europeans on perpetual vacation MUST be smarter than us. In fact, they must be geniuses!  Look at how much fun they must be having!

Once we get back to the states, back to our boring job and back to having no money in our pockets… it dawns on us that everything they did over there is far better than what we do over here.  It becomes crystal clear that we should be like them in every way! We decide the time is now for change!  In fact, when we are done occupying something we immediately start seeking out snotty Elitists who “want to help” us be just like Europe.

The next step is we help these Elitists achieve positions of power for the sole purpose of bypassing our ability to say “no” to their ideas.  Then, we can go to the movies, download pirated music, smoke pot (for “medicinal” purposes) or shoot heroin in the park instead of expending any energy in paying attention… all the while demanding our right to everything for “free”.

As I type this I realize we have already become just like those awesome Europeans.  I’m going to go steal some music I have a right to, then go head to the park….

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