Breast Feeding Victory!

“Retail giant Walmart is apologizing to a B.C. mother who was apparently asked to move to a washroom when she started to breastfeed in public at one of the chain’s department stores.”[3Rebekah Smith, a program coordinator for the Toronto-based Infant Feeding Action Coalition, said the group receives several calls a month [read 3]from women across Canada who’ve been asked to relocate or be “discreet” about breastfeeding.

“Breastfeeding in public is not a crime,” Smith said. “People need to start realizing that mothers have a legal right to nurse.”

As for Constable, she said she was happy with the apology, but disappointed the incident had to happen in the first place.

“My baby has a right to eat,” she said, adding Myra needs constant feeding because of a bladder infection that results in frequent urination.

“If people can walk by eating cheeseburgers from McDonald’s in the store, then my baby can nurse,” she said.

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Apologies for this act abound.  Well done!  It is truly 100% natural! 

I’ve decided to float the idea of a Urinating in Public Action Coalition (UPAC).  It is also 100% natural.  And, after looking at the detrimental health effects associated with not urinating I think I will have huge numbers of both genders rallying with me. 

I can hear you saying… you’re disgusting!  It’s about the baby!  Jerk!  A baby has to eat!  Jerk!  Urination is disgusting!  You’re equating the two and you are sub-human because of it.  Probably even a misogynist. You’re disgusting!

FINE.  It’s about the baby eating.  I have not heard anyone suggest you should not feed you child.  Ever.  So isn’t it really about where you do it?  (It has been my experience that baby’s will eat outside of public view without protest.  I’ll admit, this may be only my experience.)

If it is solely about where you do it, what differentiates you from every other exhibitionist who wants others to see their schlong (100% natural) or their Hoo-Ha (100% natural)?  Or, more applicable, an act that they believe elevates them above others and in their mind positions themselves as being better human beings than the rest of us?  It could be useful to consider that human beings have been having and raising children for millenia.  While extremely important for the perpetuation of the species it is not an insurmountable feat only recently achieved.

If the reasoning is that it is 100% natural AND about the baby as repeated ad nauseum… then how about fornication?  I might find my self for this with certain caveats.

While all should be promoted… Is it unreasonable to ask that all of the above mentioned 100% natural acts be conducted discretely? Is it unreasonable that I as an owner of my property (whether a hypermarket, grocery store or half-way house for male sex offenders) have the right to ask that these acts either not occur or occur in a place on my property of my choosing?  And, if you’re going to define “discretely” as out of plain sight such as under a blanket then how about the beautiful, 100% natural, act of masturbation?  Or the thouroughly documented life saving, 100% natural act of defecation?  Are you saying that I should be required to allow these actions in a public fashion on my property and against my will?

Have you thought this out?  How about tearing up your membership card in The Cottage Industry of the Offended and use your energy promoting issues that matter while preserving our individual rights to make decisions when it comes to our personal property.  Buy a house and feed your child in any way you see fit.


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3 responses to “Breast Feeding Victory!

  • david

    have to agree with your point at the end of your post, but this incident ocurred at a public pool not at the pool in your back yard.

    the public pool is owned and maintained by the city and is subject to a different set of rules and regs.

    the city employee who asked the mother to feed her child in the restroom is not in your backyard and therefore is not telling you what to do with your property.

    just sayin…


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